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Color manager and palette manager

I finally figured out _copybits (more or less), but now I need to get a
grip on colors and palettes.  I am trying to display an array of 8-bit
numbers as a 256 grey-scale image.  I am able to get the array into a
pixmap and thence into a window, but I am baffled by CLUTs and the like.
A few specific questions:

1.  Is one supposed to use the color manager or the palette manager to
manupulate colors in a window?

2.  Does anyone have any turnkey code to do this?

3.  I have two monitors, one color, one monochrome.  When the menu bar is
on the monochrome monitor, all window pixmaps appear to have depth 1
even though they display colors properly.  This manifests itself when one
copies a color image from a window into a pixmap and then back into a
color window - it comes back with all the color gone.  Is this a bug?
Am I overlooking something?

Thanks for the help,
Erann Gat