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Compiler Warnings, again

I fully understand that compiler warnings serve a purpose and turning
them off is a bad idea.  But here's my problem.  I'm working with
a system that compiles into lisp. In particular, it converts horn clause
rules to lisp functions and then compiles those function (Thanks Norvig).

Unfortunately, things like singleton variables in a prolog clause
are converted into unused lexical variables.  So I changed the compiler
to use (declare (ignore-if-unused ...)) in each call.  Now, prolog
predicates that are not (yet) defined cause "Undefined functions" warnings.

I'm sure if I try hard enough, I can get around this, but I'd rather
not anticipate every possible warning and correct for it.  I really
want to turn off all warnings.  If I promise to use it only in
(without-compiler-warnings (compile (convert-to-lisp-function ....)))
can I get a hint on how to write without-compiler-warnings.