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Re: *text-restricted-dialog-item*

    Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1992 20:31+0100
    From: Steve Strassmann <straz@cambridge.apple.com>

    impress me." You have to be *really* careful about when you allow 
    your GUI's to get anthropomorphic.

I agree.  Besides, how about internationalization...  Will the face be
white, black, yellow?...

    incomplete or unacceptable values, or portions thereof. A little 
    balloon-help windoid is necessary to explain the problems and 
    recommend some solutions. Correcting the problem(s) make these 
    lines go away, and when the last problem is cleared, it's safe
    to undim the master "OK" button.

Is it recommended/not recommended by Apple's UI guidelines to show some
balloons even if balloon help is off, ie forcing a help (advice) message
to a user, even if he hasn't asked for balloon help?

I would think it'd be a good direction.  Why isn't there different
levels of help?  warnings/advices/full help...