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Re: What is wrong with this method?

Thanks to everyone who replied.  I was able to fix the problem by

(defmethod initialize ((score Score) &rest blackbox)...

I am restricted to using initialize because Action automatically sends
an initialize message to a subapplication when the parent application
launches it. Hence I can say (from my Black Box application):

	(gosub blackbox 'score blackbox)

to launch the score application, which is a modal dialog used to
display the score from the current game. Action passes any additional
arguments to the initilize method sent to the score application;
however, the manual wasn't very clear about how they were passed.
Since the score is in blackbox I need to pass the blackbox instance
along to score, so many of the other instance initialization
techniques will not work.

	For those who don't know, Action! is a CL interface builder.
It maintains a total separation of interface and application code. The
two are linked only through methods. It is quite nice and I recommend
it to anyone who needs to rapidly construct applications with a Mac