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        Dialog-item-actions take a single parameter: the dialog item
itself.  However, menu-item-actions don't take any parameters.  Why is
that?  I would like to refer to a menu-item from within its
menu-item-action.  Is there an easy way to do that?
        I need this for the following situation.  When I create a menu item
for a certain popup menu, I set its title by evaluating a form.  Later,
when the user chooses the menu item, I want to be able to access the menu
item title from within the menu item action, but I can't reevaluate the
same form (that I used to create the menu item title) in the
menu-item-action because the value that the form returns may now be
different due to changes in the values of some of its arguments. So I
somehow need to access the menu item itself so I can ask it what its title
        Can anyone suggest anything?

Dale J. Skrien   	       	       	       	       	djskrien@colby.edu
Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science 	       	207-872-3256
Colby College, Waterville  ME  04901