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Ruben Kleiman's Mini-Application

I've added this to the contrib library.
Archived as cambridge.apple.com:/pub/MCL2/contrib/mini-app.sea.hqx
[252,391 bytes]

An excerpt from the README file is below:

Ruben Kleiman's Mini-Application

About Mini-App

Last edit 3/12/92 slm.

Mini-Application for MCL2.

   Mini-Application is an MCL2 example program developed by Ruben 
   Kleiman. Source and the tutorial documentation are in the 
   "Mini-Application" folder that also contains this file.
   Ruben wrote them to accompany his landmark article
   "The Power of Macintosh Common Lisp".

   Mini-Application is Copyright 1990, 1991 by Ruben Kleiman for 
   Apple Computer, Inc.

On-disk documentation.

   File "All about the Mini-App" has not been changed, and is still
   current. It is provided in MacWrite, Word and Text formats, and
   contains  "All About the MiniLisp Application", an article that
   takes you step by step through the development of the Mini-
   Application. (Note: for "MACL" read "MCL" throughout.)

   The "Power of MCL" article is also still current, and can be 
   found on recent Developer CD ROMs in the "develop Issue 5" stack.    
   File "READ ME FIRST" (which was provided in MacWrite and Word
   formats), has been superseded by the file you are reading, and
   the file "Instructions".

Mini-Application conversion to MCL2.

   Mini-Application was updated to MCL 2.0 final by Steven L Mitchell
   during 1Q92, with permission. This version requires MCL 2.0 final,
   and will NOT run under MCL 2.0b1.
   Bug reports and comments can be sent to me at STEVE.M on AppleLink,
   <STEVE.M@applelink.apple.com>, but neither I nor anyone else
   promises to do anything about them.

   Disclaimer: The enclosed source is released unsupported, has undergone 
               limited testing in MCL 2.0, and will not work in any other
               version of MCL. In particular it will not work in MCL 2.0b1.

   The documentation/articles have NOT been converted, and are still current.

Original publication.

   The article was published in "develop", Vol 2, Issue 1, Winter 1991.
   The original Mini-Application source was included on a CD ROM.

   That issue is also available on Developer CDs as "develop Issue 5",
   and the code is in the "develop 5 code" folder. 

   Note:  The original source was developed in MCL 2.0a2p4 and will
          not work in any released version of MCL.

Mini-Application is a Tutorial.

   The Mini-Application is a Tutorial on writing an MCL2 application.
   It is not a tutorial on CLOS. As an exercise you could do the following:
      - replace all references to slot-value by defining accessor methods
      - use copy-instance to "clone" draw-items in clone-draw-item in
      - drop the 'tool slot from draw-item and recognise instances of the
        icon-draw-item subclass by their class. Then instead of testing 
        the value of the 'tool slot in maybe-drag in draw-item-class.lisp, 
        define a method for icon-draw-items.
   It is not an example of scriptED systems. As with HyperCard you have
      to write the scripts yourself! See "All about the Mini-App" for
      info on the 7 types of handlers.