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Grouping together FASL files

I have an application consisting of many (~80) fasl files.  In
order to make it easier for the user to load, I would like to be
able to smash all the fasls together into one big fasl file
which, when loaded, would define the entire application.  I know
about INCLUDE, which allows me to compile all the sources as if
they were one big source file, but I don't want to have to
recompile the whole system in order simply to repackage it for

Under some of the Unix Lisp environments it works to just CAT all
the bin files together into one file.  When I first heard about
this I thought that it was gross, but it provided an easy way to
create a bin file that could be placed in the standard library
dir.  The user could then simply (REQUIRE 'CLX), for example, to
load the application.

Any suggestions?