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Re: Compiler Warnings, again

In article <29C2491E.15394@ics.uci.edu> pazzani@pan.ics.uci.edu (Michael Pazzani) writes:

   From: pazzani@pan.ics.uci.edu (Michael Pazzani)
   Date: 14 Mar 92 18:42:39 GMT
   Now, prolog
   predicates that are not (yet) defined cause "Undefined functions" warnings.

   I'm sure if I try hard enough, I can get around this, but I'd rather
   not anticipate every possible warning and correct for it.  I really
   want to turn off all warnings.  If I promise to use it only in
   (without-compiler-warnings (compile (convert-to-lisp-function ....)))
   can I get a hint on how to write without-compiler-warnings.

How will you know if convert-to-lisp-function has a bug?

What you want to do is use with-compilation-unit around
the entire set of compilations.  This *should* cause your
"undefined functions" to not happen until the end, by
which time they should be defined (or you want to hear
about it).

Another approach is, instead of compiling them one at a time,
turn them all into a big progn:

`(PROGN ,@(mapcar #'convert-to-lisp-function prolog-stuff))

and compile that all at once.