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Re: appleevent-toolkit.lisp?

>I'm looking for code that implements apple events at a higher level
>than the toolbox.  Looking thru the mail-archives i found a reference
>to a toolkit called 'appleevent-toolkit.lisp'.  Somebody said that you
>could find it in the example folder, but i had no luck.
>Any info about this toolkit or any lisp code that could be used to
>experiment with apple events would be greatly apreciated.

The appleevent-toolkit example file was not distributed with MCL 2.0b1.
It will be part of MCL 2.0 final. I have spent a couple of hours making
it work in 2.0b1, and have put it on our anonymous FTP server.

It provides a high-level send-appleevent function, some process
manager functions for finding other applications, and a simple
eval server. Though I have not tested it extensively in MCL 2.0b1,
the included examples of use appear to work.

If you don't have FTP support and want this file, ask and I'll
mail it to you. It is 30,367 bytes of BinHex'd Stuffit archive.

FTP Host: cambridge.apple.com
User:     anonymous
Password: <anything non-blank>
File:     /pub/mcl2/contrib/applevent-toolkit-b1.sit.hqx