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Re: MCL 2.01b/Excel 3.0 Commun

>Excel has no support for AppleEvents.
Sorry, but Excel 3 *does* have support for AEvents, although the suite is a
very narrow one and is implemented to support DDE.  It is described in a tech
Dynamic Data Exchange for the Macintosh
By Danny Padwa, Ben Waldman, David McKinnis, and Ed Fries
published by Microsoft Corporation
Revision: Preliminary, September 2, 1991
This is hidden away somewhere in the Apple Events discussion folder on
AppleLink, but I know not how to suggest someone access this from Internet.
If you wish to use Resolve AEvents (or externals) then you will also need to
get hold of the Claris Tech Notes describing these.
Why cannot these firms put the AEvent documentation in appendices in the
manuals?  Don't they think that ordinary users are clever enough to use them,
especially now Frontier is out?!