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When will MCL 2.0 be available? / MCL 2.0 runs w/ VM on?


	Possibly this would be a FAQ at this net group, but for guys like me
	who don't read this group everyday, let me ask again:
Does anybody know when MCL 2.0 (not the beta version) would be available? (Or
is it already so?)

Would MCL 2.0 run with no problem when virtual memory is in effect? (What
about the current MCL 2.0 beta version? How does it run when virtual memory
is turned on? What about version 1.3.2?) 

The reason I ask is because I would like to allocate more memory to the lisp
application using VM; that is, without buying more expensive main memory, and
of course this wish is being made under the assumption that using VM does not
slow down the lisp process. 

I am running version 1.2.2 (ancient me!) on a Mac IIsi with 5mb. Since even
the outdated 1.2.2 requires (or recommendedly uses) 2048 KB, after you
subtract initial 2 MB the system takes up (with sys 7.0.1 with some number of
CDEVs and extensions), only 500 to 700 KB gets left, which is not quite
enough to run another application of these days (which usually requires at
least 1 MB). I think I read from somewhere that running applications with
virtual memory on terribly slows down everything, but when I ran quite many
applications (5 to 6) with VM on (5 MB phyical RAM + 5 MB virtual (harddisk)
= 10 MB total), they seemed to run very briskly without any noticeable slow
down. (I didn't do any rigorous speed measuring with speedometer 3.0.) (O, by
the way, the IIsi I have access to has a hardware cache of 64K and a 20MHz
68882 FPU, if this makes a big deal concerning overall speed.) But when I say
I didn't notice any slow down, I'm comparing of course to the normal
operation speed of the IIsi with the cache and FPU on.

Any informative info would be greatly appreciated.


Joung-woo John Kim				joungwoo@mensa.usc.edu
Computer Science Dept.
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0781