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keeping the arglist

   Date: Thu, 19 Mar 92 19:18:52
   From: cfry@mit.edu (Christopher Fry)

   > >*ARGLIST-ON-SPACE* = T [...]
   > (setq *clear-mini-buffer* nil)
   A really clever implementation would notice in
    (let ((a ...)))  
   that A is not suppose to be a function. There are a finite but number of such situations 
   in Common Lisp.

   Before the big fix, I vote for putting *clear-mini-buffer* on the Environmen
t dialog
   just under *ARGLIST-ON-SPACE*. 

Seconded.  Alternatively a Fred command analogous c-Sh-A on the lispm
should be easy to implement.  To use your example:

When you've got (foo (bar) 
    	                   ^ cursor
and you type c-Sh-A, foo's arglist will be displayed.  I guess this is
the low-tech solution, but may be preferable since you don't get junk
printed in the minibuffer if you don't ask for it.