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MCL 2.01b/Excel 3.0 Communica

To:     Howard Oakley     UK0392
cc:     info-mcl
From:   Steve Mitchell
Date:   03-19-92
Sub:    MCL 2.01b/Excel 3.0 Communication
>  >  Excel has no support for AppleEvents.
>  Sorry, but Excel 3 *does* have support for AEvents, although the suite
>  is a very narrow one and is implemented to support DDE.
I didn't think Excel's support for the 4 Required AEvents worth
mentioning either. And I can find no use for DDE.
>  It is described in a tech note:
>  Dynamic Data Exchange for the Macintosh
>  By Danny Padwa, Ben Waldman, David McKinnis, and Ed Fries
>  published by Microsoft Corporation
>  Revision: Preliminary, September 2, 1991
>  This is hidden away somewhere in the Apple Events discussion
>  folder on AppleLink, but I know not how to suggest someone
>  access this from Internet.
Some MicroSoft voice #s: (800) 426-9400, (206) 882-8661, (206) 454-2030.
>  If you wish to use Resolve AEvents (or externals) then you will
>  also need to get hold of the Claris Tech Notes describing these.
I can pass these on to anyone who needs them. Or contact Claris:
(408) 727-9054, <CLARIS.TECH@applelink.apple.com>, "Claris" on AOL
(also a bulletin board), or 76004,1614 on CIS.
The Tech Notes are written in a tutorial style and include source.
I also have a slick demo from Claris of HyperCard sending data to
Resolve and having it format, display, and chart it, via AppleEvents.
The HyperCard side could be ported to MCL quite easily.