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Re: When will MCL 2.0 be avail

To:     Joung-woo John Kim    joungwoo@mensa.usc.edu
cc:     info-mcl
From:   Steve Mitchell
Sub:    When will MCL 2.0 be available
> I am running ... on a Mac IIsi with 5mb.
You're not going to be able to run MCL 2.0 on your Mac IIsi with 5MB
RAM and have space left over for other applications, cutting and pasting
between them and background printing. I insist on having at least 3.5MB
for MCL2. So, either:
   - stick with System 7 and experiment with VM, or
   - go back to System 6.0.7 (should have come in the box with
     the IIsi) and turn off MultiFinder. Trash the INITs you
     don't need for MCL and you can get the System partition
     down to 0.5MB. MCL will get the remaining 4.5MB.
> ...buying more expensive main memory...
Upgrading your IIsi RAM:
- the chips in it now (worth about $135-) can be used in ANOTHER Mac
- to go to  9MB will cost about $300- (requires four 2MB SIMMS)
- to go to 17MB will cost about $500- (requires four 4MB SIMMS)
- I know of no other options.
I buy memory from the companies with the largest ads in the SIMMs
section of a recent MacWeek. Just tell them it's for the IIsi.