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Re: Heirarchical pop up menus bug?

cfry@MIT.EDU writes:

> I'm attempting to create a heirarchical pop-up menu.
> When I select an item on the submenu, the action for an item on the
> top-level menu gets run!
Using hierarchical menus in this way "violates" the user-interface

I've noticed the same problem. The problem is actually worse, if the
submenu contains more items than the main menu, you'll generate an
error since there is no menu-item-action-function associated with
a non-existent menu item.

The fix is very simple: replace the menu-select function in
pop-up-menus.lisp with the following:

(defmethod menu-select ((menu pop-up-menu) num
                        &aux selection
                        (a-rect (pop-up-menu-rect menu))
                        (pos (with-focused-view (view-container menu)
                                (wptr menu)
                                (rref a-rect :rect.topleft)))))
  (declare (ignore num))
  (menu-update menu)
  (setq selection (#_PopUpMenuSelect
                   :ptr (slot-value menu 'menu-handle)
                   :word (point-v pos)
                   :word (- (point-h pos)
                   :word (or (pop-up-menu-default-item menu) 0)
        ;we get the selected menu in case you want to break the rules
        ;and use heirarchical menus in a pop-up menu
        selected-menu (menu-object (ash (logand #xFFFF0000 selection) -16))
        selected-menu-item (logand #x0000FFFF selection))
  (unless (eq selected-menu-item 0)
    (when (pop-up-menu-auto-update-default menu)
      (setf (pop-up-menu-default-item selected-menu) selected-menu-item))
    (menu-item-action               #| replace menu by selected-menu #|
     (nth (- selected-menu-item 1) (menu-items selected-menu)))))