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Foreign File Interface


|  I have an application written in MPW C that I want to launch from
|  within MCL.  Using the FF facility of MCL, I managed to launch the
|  main program of that application but in the process I lost my MCL menu
|  bar and window (i.e. I got only the application menu bar and windows).
|  I would like to have the application co-exist with MCL so that I can
|  use LISP to call the C routines (via FF).  Any suggestions?  (I
|  suspect that the problem is due to conflicts in or mishandling of the
|  resource forks for the application and MCL, but I am not sure.)

I suspect that you aren't going to have much luck in this regard. When you
launch another application on the Mac, it has its own partition and if it is
the active application, it will have its own menu bar and windows. One thing
that you could possibly do is communicate between the two applications using
Apple Events.

I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable about MCL yet, so I don't know how Apple
Events are implemented in version 2.0b1, but if they're available, you should
be able to modify your MPW application to act as a server for your MCL

The Foreign File features, as I understand them, only allow you to import MPW
object files into your MCL environment...not run entire applications under
control of MCL. For that, you'll need to use Apple Events.