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SURVEY:Please read, for scholastic purposes.

	Please note this message is being crossposted to a large number
of groups.  I am sorry for any inconvenience, but there are members of
many newsgroups that I wish to reach , and this is the only way that
I can accomplish this.  Thank you for your understanding.


	My name is Bob Gajarsky.  I am a graduate level management student, 
and am conducting a survey for one of my classes.  It would greatly help my 
studies if you could take a few minutes and complete the following survey.  
All results will be kept completely confidential, and your e-mail addresses 
will not be seen by anyone but me.
	Also, I am only looking for complete surveys from people who are
actually out in the workplace as computer programmers, as opposed to those 
(like me) who are students.  Additionally, I would request that only people 
who work in the United States reply to this.  Thank you in advance for your 

--------------------------- BEGINNING OF SURVEY -----------------------------

What city is your place of work?	-
(OPTIONAL) What company do you work at?	-

How many years of programming experience do you have?

How many years of post-high school education have you had?
How many computer languages do you know?
	If you program in any of the following languages, please check it:

	Ada		APL		Cobol
	C		C++		Fortran
	Lisp		Pascal

How many software packages do you know how to use (ie. Lotus, MS-Works, etc.)

	1-2		3-5		6-8
	9-10		over 10

Do you know any databases? (Y/N)
	If so, which ones?

On the average, how many hours does it take you to learn a application (ie. 
	Word Processor, Graphics Package, etc.)?
How do you prefer to learn new applications?  More than one may be checked:
	Other  _________________________

Do you personally have a VCR? (Y/N)

Does your workplace have a VCR? (Y/N)

Have you ever used a video to learn an application before? (Y/N)
	If so, how would you rate it?
	(10 is an excellent experience, 1 is an awful experience)
	Based on your past experiences, would you be receptive to learning
		another application via video?
		(10 is very receptive; 1 is not receptive at all)

	If not, how receptive would you be to learning a application via video?
		(10 is very receptive; 1 is not receptive at all)

How many hours of video would you be able to successfully watch for
	a specific application?

How much would you or your company pay for the following:
	A) A 15 hour video that teaches how to generally work with databases,
		program in them, and utilize them.  (Between 40$ and 150$)
	B) A 3 hour video that teaches a specific database, (Oracle, etc.)
		(Between 15$ and 75$).
	C) A packaged of both (A) and (B).
		(Between 50$ and 225$).

Which systems do you have a familiarity with?
	Macintosh	IBM Compatible

-------------------   END OF SURVEY ---------------------------------

Thanks! - Bob Gajarsky