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Metering LISP code

Hi to all...  Tried to post this yesterday, but it didn't work.  So,
one more time...

Does anyone out there have some code to do code metering in MACL2.0?
I have some code that supposedly runs under 1.3.2, but doesn't under
2.0.  I didn't even understand the *error message*, much less have a
good idea about how to fix it!

Basically, I've got a big system that was written in bits an pieces
over a long period of time; some of the code is really inefficient, so
I've started optimizing.  I spent a week or so doing what I thought
was the greatest optimization ever -- but it didn't speed the system
up at all.  Oh!  This function only got called once in the whole time.
No wonder it isn't faster.

So, I want a tool to profile this mass of code to help me figure out
what to optimize next.  Help would be greatly appreciated.

Doug Merrill
Cognitive Science Lab