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Bruce Lester writes:
    Does anyone know where I can get the following three files?
    "MCL 2.0b1p1.fasl", "MCL 2.0b1p2.fasl", "2.0b1p3.fasl".
    These files must be loaded to use the event handlers in the 
    APPLEEVENT-TOOLKIT.LISP folder.         

Bruce, I know that the patch files are on AppleLink. I don't think they're
posted on CompuServe. I haven't downloaded them, myself. If I do, I could
arrange to send them to you in a Stuffit archive by EMAIL. What do you think.
As I read your message header, your CIS ID is 72110,1107.

I've been meaning to download the patches, myself. This would give me a good
incentive to do so.

CIS:       75300,2405