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Steven Dobbs writes:

    It is not necessary to go get them from applelink, you can ftp them from
    cambridge.apple.com.  They are in the pubs/MCL2/patches directory, I think.


I'm not aware of any ability to FTP anything from CompuServe or AppleLink. I
believe that Bruce Lester is receiving the "info-macl" messages on CompuServe,
as I am. If there's a way to FTP from CompuServe, I'd sure like to know how.

I have already downloaded the patches from AppleLink and would be willing to
send them to interested CompuServe Mac users in the form of a Stuffit Classic
archive (MCL Patches.sit). If I get inundated with requests, I may post them in
the MacDev forum; otherwise, just send me a request via CIS EMAIL.

Rich Parker 75300,2405