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Steve Strassmann writes:

    I'd be happy to email it to you, but it's 253K (as an hqx).
    Stuffit will decode hqx - that just means binhex, which is
    7-bit ascii so you can mail it to people. Do you know
    what the largest email message Compuserve will permit is?
    I can also link it to you, but it might take you a while to 
    download it.


I'm willing to go either way. The CompuServe CIM manual says that Text messages
are limited to 50K bytes. Mailed Files can be up to 512Kb. I don't know what
"link it to you" means. However, it sounds like EMAILing me the file (if you
can do that) is the way to go. I'd surely like to post it in our forum (and use
it myself, of course. <g>). I've got the APDA MIDI Manager toolkit.