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Re: SuperCard

Thanks to Steven Dobbs and Charlie Lindahl and anyone else
who replied to by question about communicating between 
SuperCard and MCL.  

I found the code that was posted a few months ago that showed
communication between MCL and HyperCard, and it pretty much
worked with but a minor change (the target destination was
set at "WILD", which is HyperCard, and I changed it to "RUNT",
which is SuperCard).  The only thing that still doesn't work
is that SuperCard doesn't seem to get a return value after
sending a doEval to MCL.  I've hacked around this by having
MCL do an explicit send of the result back to SuperCard rather
than just mucking with return fields in the event record (at
least I think that's the way it tries to return a value - 
I'm still digesting the code).

... rick