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I am trying to do the moving of objects with bitmaps on the window.  Some
of code is:

(defmethod view-click-event-handler ((item bitmap-dialog-item) position)
    (when (or (equal item wash-obj-rhand)(equal item wash-obj-toothbrush-hand)
              (equal item wash-obj-toothpaste-hand)
              (equal item wash-obj-brush-paste-hand)
             (equal item wash-obj-brushpaste-hands))
   (my-while (#_stilldown)
       (let* ((my-pos (view-position item))
              (my-botright (add-points my-pos (view-size item))))
          (when (not (equal (view-container item) nil))
             (ccl::erase-rect (view-container item) (point-h my-pos)
                   (point-v my-pos) (point-h my-botright)
                   (point-v my-botright))
        (set-view-position item (subtract-points cpos delta))
        (view-draw-contents item)

Sometimes the moving of objects works very well, but sometimes does not.
First, I got a sign of "GC" on the screen, then the system crashed.
Finally I got "an error of type 25 occurred" on the screen.

I do not know if the problem comes from my code, MCL and/or System 7.0.1.
Does anyone have the same problem?  How do you deal with the problem?
Thanks much.