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Re: File problems

shen@dolphin.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Sheldon Shen) writes:
No matter where I put the file to start the application, "Home;" is always the s
ame as "ccl;".
Answer:  This is a problem with the current version of MCL since it
	 does not understand the launch directory

Worse  clicking a MCL document causes a previously saved independent 
application to  launch automatically. 
This launched application is not related to the docum
ent clicked and even resides on a different hard disk.

To solve the problem, you need to set the creator of the document to
a special value using the following template:

(defun make-hier-demo ()
  (let ((target-appl (choose-new-file-dialog :directory "ccl;hier")))
    (set-menubar nil)
    (save-application target-appl
                      :excise-compiler t    ; don't want the compiler
                      :creator :hier
                      :clear-clos-caches nil ; otherwise we can't access classes
                      :toplevel-function #'hier-demo)))

This will correct your problem. If you do not complete the creator
field, it is MCL2 which causes the system to become moderately confused.