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saved application problems

    From: shen@dolphin.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Sheldon Shen)
    Subject: File problems
    No matter where I put the file to start the application, "Home;" is always the same as "ccl;". 
I get around this by defining a startup function to make home; point
where I want, and putting it on *lisp-startup-functions*.
     Worse, clicking a MCL document causes a previously saved independent applicationton  
    to  launch automatically.  This launched application is not related to the document clicked  
    and even resides on a different hard disk.  

This can be fixed by giving your saved application its own creator
code, using the :creator keyword arg to save-application.
(implementors: I don't think the default should be the same as MCL,
this is bound to cause grief.  How about a separate default code for
saved Lisp applications?).