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Re: draw outside of window

I draw outside the window in my menu-enhancements.sit.hqx file
in the file marking-menus.lisp.  The trick is to use a variant
of the following technique:
  (with-focused-view the-view
    (rlet ((new-clip-region :region ... region parms  )
       (with-clip-rgn new-clip-region
          ... code to draw inside the new clip rect ....
The with-clip-rect macro is in the oodles-of-utils package:

  (defmacro with-clip-rgn (clip-rgn &body body)
    (let ((old-clip (gensym)))
      `(with-macptrs ((,old-clip (require-trap #_NewRgn)))
             (require-trap #_GetClip :ptr ,old-clip)
             (require-trap #_SetClip :ptr ,clip-rgn)
           (require-trap #_SetClip :ptr ,old-clip)
           (require-trap #_DisposeRgn :ptr ,old-clip)))))