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MCL2.0 and MaraThon030

Dear Lispers,

I recently purchased DOVE Computer Corporation's MaraThon030
(68030,16Mz) accelerator for my macintosh plus (4MB RAM). The only
application which does not run well is MCL2.0, the one I wanted to run
faster with this accelerator :-<.

I can launch MCL2.0b1p3 and evaluate some expressions. But it says
'illegal instruction' when 1) I "Search files", or 2) "Apropos" and
inspect items appeared in the apropos window. In some situations other
than 1) or 2), MCL2.0 may crash into MacsBug.

If I turn off 68030, everything works fine.

I am sure this is unofficial hardware configuration but if someone has
experienced the similar to this, and in addition if someone knows some
workaround for this problem, I am very much interested in hearing from

My system configuration: Macintosh Plus 4MB + DOVE MaraThon030 (68030,
16MHz), KanjiTalk6.0.7.