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Bug fix for Extended Apropos

Guillaume Cartier's extended apropos (apropos.sit.hqx in the Cambridge MCL2
contrib archive) is neat.  Try it out.

However, if you load it, use it even once, save the application, and then start
up the new application and atttempt to open an apropos window, it will die
with dead Mac pointers.  Cause:  The *apropos* variable saves a copy of
an "extended apropos" object, which contains a window pointer as well as
several other Mac pointers.

Solution:  In the file Apropos.lisp, right after the line:
	(defvar *apropos* nil)
insert the two lines:
	(defun init-*apropos* () (setq *apropos* nil))
	(push 'init-*apropos* *save-exit-functions*)

This will cause *apropos* to be cleared when the application is saved.

Thanks, Guillaume.

Michael C. Wirth
Petroleum Information Corp.
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