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AppleShare question -> Answers

Here's a summary of the anwers I got to the
following question:

> I need the ability to programmaticaly mount a remote macintosh
> on my desktop. i.e. to be able to do by MCL code exactly the same
> thing as opening the chooser, selecting a zone, entering a user name
> and password, selecting the folder to mount and clicking ok.
> Anybody ever done this?
> Any clues?

It's a beauty of Macintosh application cooperation:

  - I did it using AppleEvents and Quickeys.
  - Steven Dobbs does it using Frontier and aliases.
  - Charlie Lindahl told me he had some HyperCard XCMD that could do it.

Bill St. Clair guided me to the right place to look into
Inside Mac VI. After some experimenting, here is some MCL
code (finally :-)) that will do it on its own. It is not
general and will crash if you pass bad arguments, but it's
a good starting point if you need these capabilities.

;;; Mounting remote volumes from MCL ;;;

;; This code will work ONLY for AppleShare servers

(defconstant $zoneNameOffset      24)
(defconstant $serverNameOffset    57)
(defconstant $volNameOffset       89)
(defconstant $userNameOffset     117)
(defconstant $userPassWordOffset 147)
(defconstant $volPassWordOffset  158)

(defun remote-mount (zone server user password volume
                        &optional (volpass ""))
  (rlet ((afp :AFPVolMountInfo
           :length 167
           :media :|afpm|
           :flags 0
           :nbpInterval 5
           :nbpCount 10
           :uamType 6
           :zoneNameOffset     $zoneNameOffset
           :serverNameOffset   $serverNameOffset
           :volNameOffset      $volNameOffset
           :userNameOffset     $userNameOffset
           :userPassWordOffset $userPassWordOffset
           :volPassWordOffset  $volPassWordOffset))
    (%put-string afp zone     $zoneNameOffset)
    (%put-string afp server   $serverNameOffset)
    (%put-string afp volume   $volNameOffset)
    (%put-string afp user     $userNameOffset)
    (%put-string afp password $userPassWordOffset)
    (%put-string afp volpass  $volPassWordOffset)
    (rlet ((pb :ParamBlockRec
             :ioCompletion (%null-ptr)
             :ioBuffer afp))
      (#_PBVolumeMount pb))))

Guillaume Cartier
LACIM, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.
Bureau: (514) 987-4290
E-Mail: cartier@math.uqam.ca