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MacTCP Help!!! -> Solution

After lots of hard work, I finaly found the solution to my problem.
As usual, the solution is trivial when you finally have it. Arrrrr!@#$%
But when you don't have a clue where to look, it can take you very far.
(it took me as far as finding a bug in mips computers FTP daemon!)

The solution is a very simple ~15 characters improvement to MCL's
"MacTCP.lisp" file. If you where experiencing the same problem, just
contact me and I will send you the fix.

Here was the statement of the problem:

>  I am trying to implement the FTP protocol in MCL...
>  Could be useful to lots of people, but I am stuck. :-(
>  The FTP protocol specifies that when you want to transfert a
>  file, you have to:
>    1) listen on a specified port for a data connection
>    2) send the file transfert command.
>  I can easily do both, the problem is that to do 1) I have to
>  do a TCPPassiveOpen which returns only when the connection is
>  established. But I can't send the command that will tell the
>  server to establish the file transfer connection since I am
>  now stuck in the TCPPassiveOpen!!! And if I send the command
>  first, then I get an error telling me that no one is listening!!!
>Thanks for any help.
>PS: I managed to make everything work using two MCL at the same time!
>    Seems a bit exagerated though...

Guillaume Cartier
LACIM, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.
Bureau: (514) 987-4290
E-Mail: cartier@math.uqam.ca