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redefining keys

>         I'm programming the Macintosh toolbox using Common Lisp and CLOS.
>         I need special characters so I redefined a font and included it in
>         my system. But the characters I redefined are reached by typing
>         Command-a, Command-b...(because these keys weren't assigned to any
>         character. It works fine with most applications but not in CL.
>         The mac beeps when I type Command-a... Is there any function to tell
>         CL to accept my new chars ?

Are you sure you don't mean _Control_ instead of Command? I don't think that
the command key alters the value of the character code; it just sets a
bit. OTOH, if you have you special chars mapped to _Control_-A, _Control_-B,
etc., then you have to "quote" them (with Control-Q) in order to get MCL to
insert them. So you'd type Control-Q Control-A to get your special Control-A
character into a Fred buffer in MCL. I suppose you could also modify the Fred
comtab to get it to insert your characters instead of treating them as
editor commands.
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