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use-package and export confusion

	I'm having a problem trying to access a function from a package by way of exporting
and use-packaging...
	I have a package which was created with make-package. It's called screen-builder.
In a file I say (in-package screen-builder) then (export '( ...sb-blank-screen)) then define
a  function called sb-blank-screen. In another file I say (in-package ion),{this package was 

also created with make-package} and then (use-package 'screen-builder). In this second  
file I assume the function sb-blank-screen should be availiable as an internal symbol, but
the system doesn't agree. In fact, in the listener I tried (in-package ion),  (use-package 

'screen-builder) then (fboundp 'sb-blank-screen) and I get nil. Then I try (fboundp 

'screen-builder:sb-blank-screen) and I get the function returned. So am I overlooking 

something again? This time I read Guy L. Steele carefully before resorting to bothering to
ask here. 

							Marty Christensen