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re: redefining keys (addition

To:     David Leasure        leasure@hawk.cs.ukans.edu
cc:     info-mcl
From:   Steve Mitchell
Date:   4/18/92
Sub:    re: redefining keys (additional question)
> Is there an easy way to set the function keys to C-q M-a or
> some such in MCL?
Assuming by "function keys" you mean the keys along the top of
the Apple Extended Keyboard labeled 'F1' through 'F15':
(def-fred-command (:function #\5) ed-option-lc-a)
(defmethod ed-option-lc-a ((w fred-mixin))
  "Insert option lower case a into the buffer (similar to C-q M-a)"
  (ed-kill-selection w)
  (ed-insert-with-undo w (code-char 140)))
(def-fred-command (:function #\6) ed-option-UC-A)
(defmethod ed-option-UC-A ((w fred-mixin))
  "Insert option UPPER CASE A into the buffer (similar to C-q M-Shift-A)"
  (ed-kill-selection w)
  (ed-insert-with-undo w (code-char 129)))
This is _not_ an endorsement. Apart from obvious GUI reasons for
not making these ad hoc assignments of ad hoc type faces to a
limited number of keys, the trend set by the introduction of the
PowerBooks suggests that Extended keyboards will become even
less common among MCL'ers.