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radio button problems.

I am having problems with radio buttons in nested views. Here's the
essence of the problem:

;;; Make-SubViews
(defun make-subviews ()
  (list (make-instance 'view :view-subviews (make-subsubviews))))

;;; Make-SubSubViews
(defun make-subsubviews ()
  (list (make-instance 'radio-button-dialog-item)
        (make-instance 'radio-button-dialog-item)))

;;; Example
(make-instance 'window :view-subviews (make-subviews))

> Error: Argument NIL is not of type MACPTR.
> While executing: #<Anonymous Function #xE75D6>
> Type Command-. to abort.
See the RestartsI menu item for further choices.

I am running 2.0b1p3.

Any suggestions appreciated.