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YACC anyone? (r)

>Date: 21 Apr 92 10:57:08 EDT
>From: Jim Hurd <71501.1347@CompuServe.COM>
>To: MCL List <info-macl@cambridge.apple.com>
>Subject: YACC anyone?
>I am bootstrapping a compiler in MCL 2.0. Does anyone have a YACC equivalent
>for LALR parsing in this environment? A YACC table reader? I have PLISP but it
>doesn't run in 2.0 and I don't have 1.3.
>Jim Hurd

I know of several of these written in Common Lisp, but I can't say for
sure which ones may run in MCL 2.0.

LALR1 Parser
written by Ray Pelletier - pelletier@psy.cmu.edu

AV Parser
Mark Johnson, Brown University, mj@cs.brown.edu
(Mark also wrote a parser available by ftp from cs.cmu.edu:/user/mkant/Public/Lisp-Utilities/johnson-yacc.lisp)

ftp from hplstl.hpl.hp.com