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Printing in MCL 2.0

I have searched the mail archives starting with info-mcl-p1-p1, and
although there has been a significant amount of mail generated on
the "generalized printing problem", there does not seem to be any
definitive answer to the question:
   How does one print any window (including modal dialogs and 
   windows with other user defined dialog-items) in MCL 2.0? 

Among the code that was posted to address this problem include
submissions by Richard Lynch on 10/30/91 and Lawrence Au on 8/9/91.
I must submit my request for generalized printing support in the final
release of MCL - it is *really* quite important, and would greatly
enhance the overall MCL product.  If anyone has worked on the
printing problem further, please send me your code.  I'll note in
passing that I value easy printing so highly that I am very seriously
looking into converting my code to MacAPP and C++ (ICK, compared to CLOS)
just to obtain printing support.

  (The last statement is not intended as a flame - just a comment to 
   let you know how important good quality printing to the success of an
   application. )

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