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Extended Apropos New Stuff

MCL 2.0b1p3 users read on!

I just downloaded a new version of Extended Apropos that
fixes a couple of glitches and makes some minor improvements
(if you are tired of the selected package always getting
back to "all packages", this is for you!). Read the Change Log
section of the README.text file for further info.

Good news for all you owners of MCL 2.0b1p3:

  As I said in a previous message to the mailing list,
  my extended apropos will only work in MCL 2.0 final, but...

  After receiving a couple of messages asking me how to make it
  work in MCL 2.0b1p3, I finally decided to take the time to
  figure out exactly what was needed to make extended apropos
  work in MCL 2.0b1p3.

Here are the steps: (should take less than 5 minutes)

  - Get the new version from the cambridge archive.
    (now the Extended-Apropos.sit.hqx file)

  - In the "LOADME" file, comment the 2 REQUIRE.
    (you won't get the nice ballow help, but I suppose you can live with that) :-)

  - In the "LOADME" file, comment the following line:

  - In the "apropos.lisp" file, comment the following line:
    (make-instance 'search-thermometer :view-position #@(482 181))

  - In the "subviews.lisp" file, comment the following line: (at the top)
    (%buffer-set-read-only buffer t)

  - In the "subviews.lisp" file, replace the APROPOS-FILTER function
    with the following one: (you may want to do a search on this one...)
    (defun apropos-filter (symbols filter)
      (prog1 (filter symbols filter)
        (unless (and *foreground*
                     (eq *apropos* (front-window)))

That's it.
Have fun.

NB: I haven't tested all of extended apropos's features in MCL 2.0b1p3,
    but the most important ones should work fine.

NB: If you experiment any problems using this procedure,
    let me know, I will see what can be done.

* Guillaume Cartier                 (514) 844-5294 (maison)         *
* L.A.C.I.M.                        (514) 987-4290 (bureau)         *
* Universite du Quebec a Montreal   (514) 987-8477 (telecopieur)    *
* Montreal, Quebec, Canada          cartier@math.uqam.ca (internet) *