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word-wrap in dialog boxes

Dear macl'ers,

I am nearing the end of converting some MACL 1.3 
code to MCL 2.0b1. This code has several dialog 
boxes, which have edit-text-dialog-items.

The edit-text-dialog-items are three lines long. 
Under 1.3, the text in the ETDI's would wrap from 
one line to the next between words. But with 
MCL2.0b1, the text scrolls horizontally to the 
left as new characters are typed. I prefer the 
word wrapping.

Is there a new version of MCL2 which does the word 
wraping? Or does a program have to do the word 
wrapping itself? And if so, how can I do this with 
and ETDI?

I would appreciate any help you can give me with 

Sincerely, Dan Lamet (dlamet@claven.idbsu.edu)