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MCL 2.1

Things I'd like in future versions of MCL (most important first):

  - CLIM well integrated (maybe CLIM 2 will do that?...) and CLIM tools
like interface designers,...
  - size of standalone code (I like the idea of the Logic Manager and I
know there is an order of magnitude, but you get the idea)
  - non-obtrusive GC
  - process management
  - Fred basic enhancements like extended-commands
  - lisp streams interface to the communication toolbox
  - object persistence (how about porting statice from symbolics to MCl,
Symbolics SystemHaus germany are porting statice to unix boxes - that'll
be a big plus for lisp on unix boxes)
  - inter-platform or strict conformance to other de-facto standards
(from symbolics or unix worlds).  I'm talking about everything that's
not in CLTL2 but that is necessary (FF, system tools, object
persistence,...  I know there are lots of utilities in the PD, but they
should be in one place -the MCL CD- and tested on MCL).

These are just ideas, without concern for the development resources

Also, I *LOVE* MCL.  It's great.  Keep up the good work.

Vincent Keunen