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Home Directory

Is there a way in MCL2.0 to for an application built with save-application to
determine what directory it was started from?
In MCL 1.3.2 the following worked:
    (set-mac-default-directory "HOME;")
The logical directory "HOME;" was set to the startup directory. In MCL2.0 this
logical directory is not set up.
In MCL 2.0 I try:
    (set-mac-default-directory "home:")
If the application is loaded onto a machine that does not have the same
directory structure as that containing the lisp where the appliation was built
then everything is fine. However, if the application is started from another
directory (including on a different disk) on the machine containing the lisp
application then the directory reverts to that of MCL.
There was some recent mail regarding the use of *load-pathname* to set up home
directories. However, this variable does not appear to be set up in a
stand-alone application as load is not explicitly called.
Thanks for your help.