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***OODL/MCL SIG is formed

Based on substantial interest displayed over the Internet, on Applelink, and at
the recent MacApp Developers Conference, we feel that it is time to create a
MADA Special Interest Group for Object Oriented Dynamic languages (OODLs) which
will initially concentrating on Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL). This SIG's goals,
principles, and directions will be based on your comments over the next few
We offer the following as a starting point for discussion:
1) The SIG will be formed under the MADA umbrella.
This will allow us to minimize most organizational, legal, and financial
issues, and will provide us with access to FRAMEWORKS, MADA's high quality
Those of you skeptical about MADA should know that it is no longer MacApp-only.
MADA has recently modified its charter to  include other object oriented
development platforms of interest to MADA members. The desire for a MCL SIG was
a strong motivation for several of us involved in developing this new charter.
2) The SIG will be open to all OODLs but will initially concentrate on MCL.
There are many Object Oriented Dynamic Languages in use and under development.
However, we believe that most of those desiring to form this SIG have a strong
interest in  MCL. Thus the most useful initial "slant" of the SIG will be open
to all OODLs but concentrating on MCL. We expect this to change as more OODLs
become popular.
3) The SIG's initial goals will be:
  -To bring MCL/OODLs into the mainstream by evangelization and by the
creation of tutorial   materials for beginners.
  -To help MCL/OODLs developers improve their productivity by better community
communications and the placing of relevant technical articles in FRAMEWORKS.
  -To improve our communications with language designers so    we will have a
stronger say in future language    directions.
  -  And, my personal favorite, to encourage the creation of   commercial
quality interface class libraries (read that   interface to MacApp or to a OODL
style class library    that gives the capabilities of MacApp) so we can better
enter the mainstream software development and commercial   marketplaces.
Apple has set up an AppleLink address (a/l: OODL.SIG, Internet:
OODL.SIG@applelink.apple.com) for us to use. This is an address to the SIG
administration, not a broadcast address. Please send EMAIL to OODL.SIG if you
are interested in joining the OODL/MCL SIG. In your EMAIL please include your
name, phone number, physical and EMAIL address and the answers to:
Why are you interested in a OODLs/MCL SIG?
What experience with OODLs have you had?
What would you like the SIG to do?
Are you willing to help out with the work of forming and running the SIG? If so
what experience have you had in running a similar organization?