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Re: MCL 2.1

> One of the more important things to me would be to establish a formal
> relationship with ILA and CLIM for MCL.  Having a single, integrated
> solution for CLIM on the Mac would help advance the state of the art for
> both MCL and CLIM.
I attended Scott McKay's talk on CLIM-2 at the MIT AI lab a couple of weeks ago.
It sounded pretty good. Significanty better than CLIM 1 and that it might
even be nice to have on a MAC, esp if you wanted to get one program running on other 
machines without spending your life porting.

He was uncertain of the status of an MCL CLIM-2. It didn't sound like it was
actively being worked on, and in fact might never happen.
Since CLIM-2 is the strongest contender for a CL window system standard, this
didn't make me feel secure. I [like many hackers I know] have pressure to 
get their Lisp code running on other machines. SInce many programs these days are > 50%
user interface, simply having a standard CL isn't good enough.
Without a portable solution, its harder to ward off those managers who tell you that
you should be writting in C in the first place.