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FTP - @*!@%

! Flame on !
Boy its frustrating to read about all this incredible stuff available by FTP
only.  Wouldn't it be great if a company with 
   1. A vested interest in Unix/Lisp/Computers in general
   2. Experience in delivering monthly CD ROM's to the Developer community 
could put this "publically available" stuff on a series of CD ROMs for the rest
of us.  We get UUNET's archive but its a pain (on tape) and sporadic in
coverage and currency. UUNET's pseudo ftp is our only conduit to the current
stuff and it is _extremely_ inconvenient not to mention slow. I could easily
budget $1000/yr for this type of product. We would save at least this in
connect time and general reduction of aggrevation/blood pressure.

! Flame off !

Does anyone have a better solution for ftp access than UUNET? We would like to
do directory listings and can't pay more than $200/month.

Jim Hurd