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future MCL

I'm a LISP user working on a Mac, hoping to migrate from unix-box
platforms.  I'm thus more interested and more concerned with
MCL's run-time performance and support for lisp programming
in general, rather than the support for building mac applications.
I don't know to what extent the application-building support
interferes with MCL's performance, but I hope it doesn't and that
it doesn't in the future either.
To be used as a lisp programming environment, it would be good if
MCL had some higher-level support for some simple interface
possibilities - e.g. a way to get a scrolling savable window that
involved only one call, and did not have the complications of a 
full fred window - this would make it easy to have your code put
different things in different windows.
Also, the support for CLIM would be extremely valuable, since I've
seen some very impressive extremely portable code done this way.