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Re: future MCL

> I wonder how many of the MCL users are familiar with GARNET.  GARNET is a
> public domain attempt at providing an interface development environment for
> common lisp.  It runs on most common lisps that have CLX.  The GARNET folks are
> currently trying to get a Macintosh port underway.  I'm just curious as to how
> much interest there would be in having such a port.  Anyone?
> Tom Eskridge
> Computing Research Laboratory &
> Computer Science Department
> New Mexico State University
> Box 30001/3CRL
> Las Cruces, NM 88003-0001
> teskridg@nmsu.edu (505) 646-6247

I've seen the announcements, but have never seen what it can do.  How
does it compare to CLIM in terms of functionality?

I've heard that the Mac port was indefinitely postponed due to lack of
Mac-knowledgeable personnel.  What's the current state of this effort?
Can you say anything about when you anticipate it being available?  If
you're still looking for help, maybe someone on this list might be

I'd love to see GARNET ported to MCL so we could have a portable GUI to
compete with (the relatively inexpensive but still proprietary) CLIM.
This is something for us MCL'ers to consider seriously, especially in
light of the concern expressed by some of us on this list for the future
of CLIM on the Mac.

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