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I'm trying to produce a formatted table in a window.  I create a
subclass of VIEW for my table and subclasses of SIMPLE-VIEW for the
cells of the table.  My tables inherit the subview recording directly
from VIEW without alteration.  The cells know which row and column they
are in and the table maps through all the cells and computes and sets
their sizes and positions.  The cells specialize VIEW-DRAW-CONTENTS
based on the kind of information displayed in them.  A typical example
would be

    (defmethod view-draw-contents ((view numeric-cell))
      (format view "~d" (cell-value view)))

My problem is that nothing gets displayed.  

I have verified that the VIEW-DRAW-CONTENTS methods of the cells do get

I have verified that the table is a subview of the window and that the
cells are subviews of it.

What's going wrong?