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Re: view-draw-contents

Mark Nahabedian <naha@RIVERSIDE.SCRC.Symbolics.COM> writes:
> I'm trying to produce a formatted table in a window.
> The cells specialize VIEW-DRAW-CONTENTS
> based on the kind of information displayed in them.  A typical example
> would be
>    (defmethod view-draw-contents ((view numeric-cell))
>      (format view "~d" (cell-value view)))

You need to use the draw-cell-contents method:
   draw-cell-contents (item table-dialog-item) h &optional v

"The default draw-cell-contents shows the printed representation
of the cell contents (using the table-print-function which
defaults to princ..."

Since you aren't drawing graphics in the cell and are only
using format, you don't really need to table-print-function.
You can specify it as part of the table initialization 
   :table-print-function #'(lambda (cell-contents stream)
			      (princ (format t "~d" cell-contents) stream))
You'll need to specify the table-dimensions of the table
as well:
   (set-table-dimensions (item table-dialog-item) h &v)
otherwise nothing may be displayed.