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Metaclass available? etc

My version says that Metaclass not implemented yet - is there a patch yet for

What happened to ThinkC.x in Contrib? If this is how to use ThinkC with MCL, I
am very interested.

MCL2/CONTRIB/ABSTRACTS seems a bit dated. Which files are the CLOS browsers?

Joachim Laubsch at HP has contributed a LALR parser generator to the MCL
library. Thanks!

Thank you everyone who offered help connecting to INTERNET. Anybody interested
in my experience in getting connected can email me.

The mail archives on cambridge.apple.com are huge! (For anyone like me at modem
speeds) Will these get put on the CD ROM?

My suggestion for 2.1 is simple: Look at Smalltalk. I switched to MCL because I
couldn't stand the language limitations and the poor execution speed, but I
still love the browsers, debugger, inspectors, etc. To me its still the state
of the art programmer's interface, no offense to the MCL crew! I would also
like to see LAP supported, and documentation of the code optimizer. 

Overall MCL is fantastic product - hard to believe its a just a beta! 

Jim Hurd