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CopyBits on "portable"

To:      Repenning Alexander    <ralex@tigger.cs.colorado.edu>
cc:      info-mcl
From:    Steve Mitchell
Date:    5/2/92
Subject: CopyBits on "portable" problem
> (defun DRAW-BITMAP (Bitmap Window X Y &optional (Pen-Mode :patCopy))
>   (let* ((Topleft (make-point X Y))
>          (Botright (add-points topleft
>             (rref Bitmap :Bitmap.bounds.bottomRight))))
>     (rlet ((dstRect :rect :topleft topleft :bottomRight botright))
>       (#_CopyBits
>        Bitmap
>        (rref (wptr Window) ccl::window.portbits)
>        (rref Bitmap bitmap.bounds)
>        dstRect
>        (ccl::mode-arg Pen-Mode)
>        (%null-ptr)))))
> This worked fine on all the machines tested so far until I
> tested the good ole Mac PORTABLE.
I've noticed my SE is more sensitive than newer Macs to
confusion of :srcCopy and :patCopy; you should definitely
be using :srcCopy here.
Also, instead of
     (ccl::mode-arg Pen-Mode)
you should use
     (position Pen-Mode *pen-modes*)
as on page 58 of the MCL 2.0b1 Reference.