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modal dialogs (continued)

I had a couple of very nice answers to my question
about modal dialogs, but realised that I had failed to
make clear in my initial question that one thing I wanted
my progress indication modal dialog to do, is to respect
system 7.0's standards (i.e. I want the user to be able
to select the applications menu to switch application
during the computation, etc).

I was able to do it using the following new feature of modal-dialog:

(modal-dialog (make-instance 'window)
              #'(lambda () (do-some-processing) nil))

The problem in this case is that the "do-some-processing"
function has to be very fast not to bog down modal dialog
processing, but it gets called at a *VERY* slow rate
(about only 10 times per second, even if does nothing!).

Conclusion: I'm still stuck! :-(

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